How to get Work Visa For Poland

Temporary Residence and working papers in Poland .If you’re from overseas and hope to relocate to Poland on a short lived basis, you’ll probably got to apply for a short lived residence and working papers in Poland. during this article you’ll determine more about eligibility criteria and the way to use for the acceptable permits in order that you’ll be fully prepared.

When Can a short lived Residence Permit Be Issued?
Any foreigner who plans to measure in Poland for over 3 months can apply for a Polish temporary residence permit. this is often granted for a period of up to three years, however if a shorter stay should be justified, the permit period could also be shortened. No temporary residence permit is automatically prolonged, so do you have to wish to stay within the country for extended a replacement permit must be applied for. you’ll be required to go away the country before your permit expires or alternatively apply for a replacement permit which can enable you to legally stay in Poland.

How To Apply For a short lived Residence Permit In Poland
The applicant must obtain the temporary residence permit from the Office for Foreigners at the Voivodeship Office within the district during which you’re living. you want to present valid evidence to copy the explanations for your stay in Poland.

Some accepted reasons include:
Continuing or beginning add the country
Working during a high skilled occupation in Poland
Working in Poland for a far off employer
Conducting business in Poland
Studying within the country
Completing a preparatory course before embarking on a Polish undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral course
Carrying out academic research within the country
Visiting Polish relations or relations who sleep in the country
A child who was born in Poland during the amount of the parent’s permit validity

When Can A Residence Permit Not Be Issued?
A permit won’t be issued in any of the subsequent circumstances:
The applicant has already been granted permanent residency
They already sleep in Poland on a Schengen visa for humanitarian purposes
The applicant is staying in Poland following issuance of a brief lived residence permit issued for the aim of a short term stay
The applicant has been given a tolerated residence permit thanks to asylum or refugee status or is currently seeking asylum
The applicant has been detained or has been issued with an order forbidding them to go away the country
The applicant is in prison or has been arrested
The applicant lives outside the country
The applicant has not had their fingerprints collected

Can a short lived Residence Permit Be Withdrawn?
A permit are often withdrawn if the aim for his or her stay ceases to exist or if the applicant not fulfills the required requires for the permit. it’s going to even be cancelled if the applicant’s details enter the list of undesirable foreigners or for reasons of public safety. Should the applicant have submitted any false information during their application, if they owe tax or if they refuse treatment for a compulsory medical condition their permit can also be revoked.

The Application Procedure
When applying for a short lived residence permit, the applicant must submit their fingerprints. they’re going to then receive a stamp in their travel document to legalize their visit. The temporary residence permit must be issued face to face and must submit their completed copy of the appliance form, copies of their passport also because the original, current color photographs and documentation confirming the rationale for his or her stay. additionally , when applying for a piece permit in conjunction with a short lived residence permit, the applicant must also submit insurance documentation, evidence of their steady income, documents confirming the place where they shall live, a tax declaration, a certificate of discharge of fiscal obligations and therefore the results of a labour market test. A fee of PLN 440 is required for a short lived residence and working papers with an extra PLN 50 due for the issuance of a residence card. the choice are going to be made within a month and therefore the paperwork are going to be issued to the applicant.

When The Temporary working papers Is Granted, Which Employment are often Undertaken?
When an applicant is granted a short lived residence and working papers they will only work for the employer or employers that they need stated in their application. The terms and conditions are going to be laid call at the document including the position the applicant is functioning in, the minimum salary they’re going to receive, their working hour and sort of contract. Should the applicant lose their job, they need to inform the Voivode within 15 days.