South Korea Visa Application Requirements

Move to South Korea

Travelling and touring is always a famous and lovely hobby for everyone. People visit other countries for several reasons like

  • To live permanently in that country.
  • Visit the country for higher studies and better learning.
  • For sports and curricular activities.
  • To attend the business and work meetings.
  • To visit the famous and historical places.
  • To meet the relatives, family members or friends.
  • Or they make a visit as an official representative by his own country.

South Korea

South Korea is one of those nations. This is a super hit nation due to a few created ventures and a solid economy. It is arranged in Eastern Asian territory as it is situated in the mid of three horrible nations, for example, Japan, China, and North Korea. It has essentially kept up its rich social roots and this is extremely clear in its celebrations, various festivals, and national occasions.

The official and significant money are KRW mean South Korean Won. It encases around one hundred and three-sixty-three kilometre squares with around fifty-one million residents. This nation has a few mainstream urban areas, for example,

  • Seoul
  • Busan
  • Daegu
  • Incheon
  • Gwangju
  • Daejeon etc.

Be that as it may, Seoul is the major and prime city of South Korea. It has circuitous nine-eighty-3,000 populace. South Korea has exceptionally blistering, soggy and wet in the mid-year season however freezing with the virus wind in winter season atmosphere. The significant language is Korean however a few people likewise communicate in the English language.

Major Religion

  • 56% of residents are irreligious
  • 27% of Christians
  • 19% protestant
  • And about 7% are Catholic.

The other religion is Islam. Approximately, 130,000 Muslims are migrated workers and employees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and from other countries.

Foreign Relations & Membership

This country has maintained valuable relationships with its 188 neighbour countries such as the United Nation. It has strong and reputable associations with several international organizations.

Benefits to Move South Korea

Some really marvellous benefits are pointed below,

In South Korea, the expectation for everyday comforts is high. Neediness isn’t so normal. The ordinary inhabitant can purchase a vehicle, an android or a cell phone, originator dresses and an extremely fair satisfaction and entertainment. Education is significant for everybody like it is significant for a youngster yet additionally significant for the respect of their family. There is a cutting edge and profoundly created security framework for houses and web-based malls. The Koreans just love to concoct new technologies. The foundation is exceptionally kept up in this nation. The open vehicle is truly changed and awesome.

Immigration Requirements

Some general requirements are given below,

  • A valid visa permit obtained from South Korea.
  • A filled application form.
  • A valid and legal travelling document or a passport.
  • If you are being designated by the country then you should have an invitation letter.
  • Proof that you have good fluency in Korean and English language.
  • All certifications about all academic records and achievements.
  • 2 or 4 passport size photographs.
  • In the case of Pakistani Citizens:
  • Tax number of the company and yours.
  • Tax payment receipt.
  • Registration certification of the company.
  • Your and the company’s bank statement for 6 months.
  • The business relationship supporting document.

Visas & Their Brands

Some people give value to a simple visitor visa but most people prefer to working visa. Both of them have their own benefits.

  • A work visa is just simple to obtain from the Korean administration. The extension in the time duration of the visas is also processed.
  • The foreigners who desire for permanent stay and get married in the country needed to obtain F-5, 6 visas.
  • The visitors, who want a work visa for a specific time period, need H-2 visa permits.
  • D-8 visa permit is for corporate investment in the country.
  • E-2 visa permit is for teachers who do a job as an English teacher for one year.
  • C-2, 3 and 4 permits are short term permits. And these are for temporary employment, to attend the business meetings and study purposes.

Korean Citizenship

Numerous outsiders when making a visit to South Korea, they want to turn into a perpetual resident of the nation. To get Korean citizenship is very troublesome. For this reason, they need to make a venture of a huge aggregate or need to wed some Korean occupant.

The procedure is extremely straightforward in the event that you are Korean.

The non-Koreans ought to apply for this citizenship following a fruitful five years. There are a few necessities which are expected to pass, for example, finishing a Korean language assessment, you ought to have great information about the way of life of this nation and you should demonstrate that you have made great gifts and commitments to Korean culture.


If it’s not too much trouble make a dialogue with authentic voyaging authorities in your nation of origin. Clear every one of the questions about the voyaging method and required documentation as conceivable as possible.

Make a visit to the various sites which are giving South Korean Visas. Continuously be mindful when you fill the application frame and know about missteps. Show restraint. The handling of your application can require some investment and it relies upon the visa brand that you have chosen.