How to Apply for Qatar Work Visa 2021

Kinds of visas in Qatar

Qatar Tourist Visa

Qatar vacationer visas might be acquired on appearance by visas from a determination of 33 nations. The reason for this visa is for transient stays with the end goal of recreation. The vacationer visa is legitimate for about fourteen days and might be stretched out as long as three weeks. A booking at an inn in Qatar or a relative living in Qatar is needed to apply and pay for the visa.

A Longer Tourist Visa might be gotten for as long as a quarter of a year’s visit and should be applied for earlier at a Qatar international safe haven preceding appearance.

Required archives include: application submitted through a lodging chief, duplicate of visa, ID card of the inn, ID card of the candidate.

Qatar Business Visa

The basic role of the Qatar business visa is for representatives who will make a trip to Qatar and will work for a Qatari organization for a present moment. Just government-endorsed patrons may support business visas. The business visa is legitimate for about fourteen days and might be reached out to about a month. Any stay past about a month requires a leave visa to leave the country. During this period, the representative may take part in restricted business exercises, yet not immediate work.

Prerequisites: The applying organization should have earlier endorsement by the significant offices. The application structure should be submitted through an organization agent or proprietor. A duplicate of the identification of the worker should e gave. The ID of the organization and the visa candidate is additionally required.

Qatar Work Visa

Qatar work visas are masterminded by the business and are legitimate for 1 – 3 months. This is generally appropriate to representatives who are meaning to work for a Qatari business for a while. To apply for a work visa, the worker should have a substantial business contract set up that should be endorsed by the Ministry of Labor. The representative should stay with the business for the length of work and should leave once the contracted occupation has been finished, except if there are arrangements for the exchange of the worker to another business.

To get the work visa, a few clinical trials should be directed, including a blood test, fingerprinting, wellbeing check and a chest X-beam.

Qatar Family Visa

Any representative who right now works in Qatar may turn into a patron of their family so they may venture out to Qatar and live with the worker. There is no termination date on a Family Visa and is legitimate as long as the worker keeps supporting them. The family support should organize his/her family’s home allows ahead of time.

The accompanying records should be given by the support: identification photographs of relatives, appropriate birth, schooling and marriage endorsements, bank articulation showing in any event a half year’s compensation worth of assets, and an endorsement letter from work.

Qatar GCC Resident Visa

Any inhabitant of a Gulf Co-activity Council (GCC) country and are in an affirmed calling may acquire a one-month GCC Resident Visit Visa through a Qatari consulate. The visa might be sustainable for an extra three months. Verification of their calling should be given during the utilization of this visa.