Qatar Immigration & Work Permits Details 2021

The business interaction for Qatar is considerably more mind boggling than different nations because of the customary kafala sponsorship framework which ties the worker to the business. Businesses hold significantly more control over the worker in work matters, where representatives should acquire a leave visa and the assent of the business prior to ending their work and leaving the country. Moreover, Qatarization places need of work to Qatari specialists, while non-Qatari specialists may possibly be utilized in the event that it is affirmed by the Labor Department, work licenses are given and if there is a requirement for such stuff. Cautious thought of these elements should be offered preceding recruiting representatives in Qatar.


1. Enrollment of Business with the Immigration Department

The initial step is to enroll the business element with the Immigration Department of the General Directorate of Borders, Passports and Expatriate Affairs at the Ministry of Interior to apply for a work grant. The business substance turns into a laborer’s support after acquiring a movement card, which lapses on a similar date as the business’ exchange permit. A Representative Card should likewise be gotten so a delegated worker may follow up for the organization when managing the Immigration Department and Ministry of Labor.

The necessary business archives are as per the following:

  • Finished application structure for Immigration Card/Representative Card composed in Arabic, stepped and marked
  • Duplicate of identification of every single approved signatory, entrepreneurs and agents
  • Duplicate of the Commercial Registration of the business
  • Duplicate of Trade License
  • Migration card (For Representative Card application)
  • 2 shading identification measured photographs of delegate

2. Endorsement of Ministry of Labor:

The business should apply for the endorsement of the Ministry of Labour for the measure of work allows that will be given to unfamiliar laborers to be utilized in the next year before any recruiting. This is done through a square visa application that will be considered by the Labor Department.

The accompanying reports and data should be submitted to the Ministry of Labor by the business:

  • Finished application structure in Arabic
  • The all out number of ostracizes to be utilized
  • Places of every representative
  • Identities of the workers

Because of Qatarization laws, the Ministry will consider factors, for example, the presence of jobless Qatari nationals who may fill the position and whether the position must be filled by an outside public during the time spent favoring work sponsorship of the organization.

3. Business Visas

It is the obligation of the business to acquire a work visa for every worker that will be employed before he/she enters Qatar. There is a chance of passage into Qatar of the worker under a visit visa, who would then be able to apply for a business visa, in spite of the fact that work should not start until the work visa is procured. The business will turn out to be every laborer’s support.

The accompanying archives and data should be submitted to the Ministry of Labor by the business to acquire a work visa:

  • Finished application structure in Arabic
  • Duplicate of the Commercial Registration of the business
  • Movement card of the business
  • Duplicate of a substantial work contract between supporting organization and worker
  • Duplicate of the representative’s visa
  • Four visa size photographs

When the work visa is gained, a duplicate ought to be shipped off the worker and the first held up at the representative’s appearance air terminal before the worker’s appearance into Qatar. Work visas are for the most part legitimate from one to five years. Time: 2 – a month

4. Work Permit

A work grant should be masterminded inside seven working days of the worker’s appearance in Qatar. Typically, this must be done after a work plan has been settled upon. Before an application for the work license is presented, a clinical testament should be gotten demonstrating the wellbeing of the worker. The worker should step through a clinical examination at an administration affirmed medical clinic, and requires a duplicate of their identification, business visa, four visa measured photographs and a charge.

When the clinical declaration is given, an application for a work and home grant can be applied for, gave for one, a few years.

The necessary boss’ archives required for a work license are as per the following:

  • Finished application structure from the Ministry of Labor
  • Business contract
  • Clinical testament of the worker
  • Duplicate of the Commercial Registration of the business
  • Migration card of the business
  • 2 identification estimated photographs of the worker
  • Duplicate of the worker’s identification
  • Business visa
  • Important instructive archives
  • Biometric fingerprints test

Time: 2 – 4  weeks

5. Home Permit

When the business visa and work license are endorsed and duplicates are shipped off the representative, the worker may make a trip to Qatar and gather the visa and important reports from the air terminal. Likewise, a clinical registration and unique mark checks should be taken. The home grant application starts now which changes over the work passage visa to a home grant, where the representative may not leave the country. The home license application is stopped by the business and should be initiated inside 7 days of appearance.

The Labor Department should endorse a double language English and Arabic neighborhood contract under Law No.14 of 2004 in the Labor Law. The worker’s business reports, for example, the work contract should be introduced for the application, in any case other pertinent archives, for example, finance records and bank proclamations should be submitted.

The accompanying records should be presented by the business to the Ministry of Labor:

  • Finished Residence Permit application for in Arabic and English
  • Unique clinical testament
  • Duplicate of the Commercial Registration of the business
  • Duplicate of the migration card of the business
  • 2 identification measured photographs of the worker
  • Unique worker’s visa
  • Unique business visa
  • Support’s identification if manager is a person

When the home license is given, the worker may work under the business until their work ends, which should be restored at regular intervals relying upon each case.

Time: Approximately a month and a half

6. Leave Visa

An extra advance for far off nationals utilized by a Qatari boss is that they get leave grants from the Ministry of Interior before leaving Qatar. The support/manager holds the capacity to favoring a leave grant to representatives. The visa is substantial for just seven days, and might be a different leave visa.