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Bapco is a special organization, which has never stopped. The first to find oil in the Arabian Peninsula in 1932, it began sending out in 1934 and refining in 1936. From that point forward, the organization has helped shape the advanced Kingdom of Bahrain, not just through the age of riches, yet through the improvement of Bahrain’s labor.


Over 80 years after the organization’s foundation, new desire in the investigation, and new activities in oil and gas field improvement and new worldwide markets keep on opening up with quick headway occurring in the organization. Entirely possessed by the Government of Bahrain, Bapco is occupied with the oil business including refining, circulation of oil-based commodities and gaseous petrol, deals and fares of raw petroleum and refined items. Bapco is a local oil and gas pioneer and a significant supporter of current Bahrain, representing a noteworthy bit of the district’s vitality related exercises.


The organization possesses a 260,000 barrel-a-day processing plant, storerooms for 14 million barrels, a showcasing terminal and a marine terminal for its oil-based commodities. Around one-6th of this rough starts from Bahrain Field, with the rest of siphoned from Saudi Arabia through pipelines, with 95% of Bapco’s refined items being sent out. The organization creates high-calibre Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Naphtha, Gasoline, Kerosene, Aviation Turbine Fuel, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Heavy Lube Distillate, Fuel Oil and Asphalt, which structure the centre of its business.


Bapco’s Board of Directors embraced the association’s corporate organization declaration in Board Resolution No.4/65-2013 of 30 April 2013. The record has kept an eye on consistently. The Board is centred around the most important rules of a corporate organization according to the Corporate Governance Code of the Kingdom of Bahrain 2010 and progresses high good checks, uprightness and convincing corporate organization all through the association. Bapco is essentially connected with the investigation, refining, stockpiling, creation, promoting, preparing and advancement, and natural activities in the realm. Bapco is very nearly a significant refining extension venture which means to create high-esteem items in light of the long haul future, just as care for nature and prod better proficiency. Our prime clients for unrefined petroleum and refined items situated in the Middle East, India, the Far East, South East Asia and Africa.


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