Japan Highly Skilled professional Visa Details

Japan Highly Skilled professional Visa:

This exceptionally novel kind of visa was propelled in 2012 under the class of “Assigned Activities Visa”

Alongside the change of movement laws, another class of visas for “Profoundly Skilled experts” was made for outside labourers with cutting edge aptitudes and specialization. In this visa type, Points are granted under:

a) Applicant’s educational qualification.

b) Applicant’s professional background.

c) Applicant’s Income.

d) Applicant’s Academic Achievements.

In order to avail this visa, the applicant needs to score 70 points or above in order to secure the following preferences.

  • Opportunity to participate in many activities that cover different categories of visas
  • Visa for a period of 5 years granted
  • A permanent resident visa after five years of residence in Japan
  • Preferential control immigration procedures
  • Your partner can also work
  • The possibility of bringing their parents to Japan
  • The possibility of hiring a maid

Highly skilled professional visa has 3 types of activities for each category, and the rules of the relevant points are different:

(A) Advanced instructive research exercises (as allowed under the terms of exercises Researcher Visa or educator)

(B) Advanced custom/specific exercises (according to the allowed exercises under a master in the humanities or Engineering visa move inside the organization)

(C) The exercises of cutting edge business the executives (concerning the exercises permitted under the organization’s chief of business visa)

Points Distribution:

  • 30 points to the level of a doctor and 20 points to a master’s level.
  • 5-25 points, regarding professional experience
  • 10-50 points depending on the amount of income
  • 5-15 points compared with the age group (preference will be given to younger age)
  • 10 points, depending on the ability of Japanese language proficiency.

After three years of receiving professional visa highly skilled visa (class 1), it is possible to use the category of very skilled professional visa (class 2) which is of unlimited duration.