How to get a Work Permit and Visa for Hong Kong 2021

The (Hong Kong) may be a significant region of southern China. It became a colony of British kingdom after China. This region was expended in 1860 and further in 1898. Hong Kong may be a separate administrative system from China. the entire population is 7, 448 and 900. the essential currency is HK$ (Hong Kong Dollar).

The region has the various skyscrapers within the world, most nearby Victoria Harbor. Hong Kong has the 7th rank on the UN Human Development Index.

Official Language

The basic language is Chines and English but the regional language is Cantonese.

Ethnic Groups

The residents are grouped as follows,

Chines 92%
Filipino 5%
Indonesian 1%
White 8%
Other citizens 6%

This state has the damp temperate climate with plenteous rainfall. Especially summers are sultry and hot with irregular rains, storms, and temperate air.


Some industries are listed below,

Bank of China

Chevalier Economy  has industrialist assorted service economic system differentiated by low assessment and minimum government market interference. consistent with the newest survey, its total GDP (Gross Domestic Profit) is approximately $484 billion. The estimated per capital income is round about $48.231.It is the 7th biggest trading region in exports and imports. It trades more goods and commodities than its GDP. Hong Kong is that the biggest export market is China and therefore the us . In fact, it’s a touch little bit of arable land and few natural resources.
Foreign Relations

This state has good trading relations with its neighbor countries. because it is playing a key role within the economy by making export and import its valuable goods and commodities.

Hong Kong has strong membership in

Bank for Worldwide Arrangements
Asian Improvement Bank
Global Assembly Room of Commerce
Worldwide Postal Union
World Trade Pact

Work in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong authority offers opportunities for the outsiders to supply their skills or start their own work. this is often some hard to urge a piece visa from Hong Kong . First, an applicant should apply for a vacancy available therein region.

Once you’re offered by the corporate for work, the corporate will support you to urge a piece visa. The work visa is typically issued to foreign guests who make a visit to the present country for the aim of labor and employment.

These type visas are only issued on the idea of qualifications, experiences, skills and distinctive talents. Most of the applicants fall into the GEP (General Employment Policy) or TTAS (Technology Talents Admission Scheme).


Some requirements are listed below,

The applicant must have a graduate degree and significant skill experience within the specific job area.
The candidate should be clean in criminal records.
There should be an employment or employment offer.
There should be appropriate experience within the vacancy the candidate is applying for.
The amount of salary should be consistent with professional principles.
The company that’s providing an employment to the candidate should prove that the vacancy won’t be filled with another native person.
The person will contribute to the local economic system .
Required Documents From Candidate

Some necessary points are listed below,

Employee visa form .
2 or 3 photographs.
All academic certificates.
Insurance proof about travel and health.
Employment letter.
A passport with the duration of a minimum of 6 months.
Required Documents From Employer

The application form for the work of foreign experts in Hong Kong .
A photocopy of accept which all details about worker are described.
Information about worker’s post, payment or salary, employment period of time and benefits.
All financial information about the organization.
Related documents about the company’s work background.

The Hong Kong migration service is basically a specialized organization. Normally, the work visa process requires 7 to eight weeks but there are often a delay if further investigation is required .


Once all the specified documentation is completed and prepared then submit it to the immigration service department.
Mostly the working papers is legitimate for the one year but it are often renewed constantly.
The work visa will become non-transferable if you turn to a different job position. For this purpose, you ought to need to get all permissions from the immigration service department.
If the worker lives in Hong Kong for 7 years or more he are going to be qualified for the permanent residence.

Some valuable benefits are discussed below,

Inspection about Worker.
Claims & Investigation.
Complimentary Labor.
Wage Security.
Statutory wage